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Meat Lovers Thanksgiving Dinner with Wine

The Story:

It was an awkward situation to say the least.  Two of my friends, who are just casual acquaintances with each other, ended up dating the same guy and I suddenly found myself in the same room with both of them at the same time.  Only to make matters worse, one was the ex-girlfriend and the other was the present.  The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  And although they both tried to be ladylike, I had a feeling something was going to happen.  And of course, my psychic intuition, or merely the fact that I'm a woman was right.

The ex-girlfriend decided to create conversation, I guess to be friendly by asking, "did you do anything special for his birthday?"  Every hair on my body rose up in anticipation of what the new girlfriend would say.  I was shocked the ex-girlfriend would even ask a question like that, but I think she was genuinely coming from a good place.  "I took to him to an all you can eat meat dinner.  He's a meat guy.  He likes meat,"  states the new girlfriend with a matter of factness to her voice.  As she walks out of the room, I see the ex-girlfriend's eyes fill with water.  I'm clearly lost because I didn't think her response was so bad.  "What's wrong?" I asked.  "That bitch!  She knows I'm a vegetarian.  She said that to be cruel."  I tried to hug my friend, but she stopped me.  My heart went out to her knowing she must have some unresolved feelings there and also, I wasn't quite sure that's how my other friend meant it.  It's clear however, that meat and men, aren't they the same thing;)~, can sure stir up emotions.

The Pairing:

Not everyone wants white meat on Thanksgiving.  I personally love a big, juicy drumstick or piece of beef.  These darker meats call for a bigger, fuller bodied wine that can stand up to the fat content of the meat.  That's when I pull out a bottle of the 2007 Domaine de Piaugier Cotes du Rhone Villages Sablet from France.  This southern Rhone red wine is a blend of up to 13 grapes but is mostly Grenache based with some Syrah.

After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine, I immediately love how well the two work together.  The wine's medium to full body stands up nicely to heaviness of the meat without being too cloying and its smooth tannins do especially well with the dark turkey meat.  The earth and spice aromas found in the wine work incredibly well with the herbs and spices used to flavor the meat and the raspberry and blackberry aromas give the pairing a touch of sweetness.  Finally, the real reason one chooses a red from France with meat is due to its wonderful acidity that helps to prolong the flavors of the food and cleanse the palate in-between bites.  Hope you enjoy!  Cheers!


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  Are you a vegetarian and have a special Thanksgiving spread you like to serve?  Do you like the darker meat on a turkey or like to serve beef on Thanksgiving?  Let's chat!

Where To Find The Wine:

The 2007 Domaine de Piaugier Cotes du Rhone Villages Sablet retails for $21.99 at Khoury's Fine Wine & Spirits.  Please visit their website: or call 702-435-9463.  They can ship anywhere!