The hidden pizza place at the Cosmo

The "hidden" Pizza Place @ The Cosmo

Inside the Cosmo hotel there is a random hallway that leads to an incredible pizza place.  It's been the talk of the town since the Cosmo officially opened earlier this year.  There are no signs to direct you to it, nor are there any advertisements telling you its there.  Rumor is that people started staggering out of the nearby nightclub, starving at 3am and happened to randomly find it.  As you can see, word travels fast.

I had to see what all the excitement was about.  After work recently, Brandon and I made our way to the Cosmo hotel.  And just like everyone mentioned, we had to ask someone who worked inside a retail store to help us find it.  She gave us a big grin and said "Take the escalator up.  To the left of the glass elevator you will see a hallway with records along it.  That's where it is."  We looked at each other and grinned.  It felt like a secret that we were somehow in on.  We followed her directions and sure enough, there it was.  As we walked down the hallway, my excitement grew.  Once inside, I noticed a large group of twenty something year olds who looked like they had just stumbled upon the place after a long day at the pool.  There were also men in suits and women in casual dresses.  This place wasn't off limits to anyone.  As we made our way over to the line, we noticed they didn't have a menu or prices listed anywhere.  We could only see a few pizzas behind the glass counter and soon learned that's how you chose what you wanted.  I also noticed there weren't any tables or chairs but just a small counter space along the edge of the wall to stand up against while you eat your pizza.

Since I had chosen a bottle of the 2007 Sembro from the Ribera Del Duero region of Spain, we went with a slice of sausage and pepperoni pizza.  The wine is made up of 93% Tempranillo and 7% Merlot.  The wine has notes of jammy dark berries, violets, spice and smoke with blackberries and plum on the palate.  After a bite of our pizza and then a sip of the wine, I notice how well the smokiness of wine works with the char on the bottom of the pizza.  I also like how both the wine and sausage are slightly spicy, mirroring each other.  The wine matched the heaviness of the cheese and bread and had just enough acidity to cleanse the palate in between bites.  As much as I hate drinking wine out of plastic cups, it was fitting given the setting.  The restaurant serves not only fountain drinks, but also beer out of red and clear plastic cups.  I have to say that the pizza was pretty darn good for $4.75 a slice!  It's definitely one of the better offerings of New York style pizza I've had in Vegas and right up there with my other favorite, Enzo's at the Venetian.  Next time you're in Las Vegas, I suggest giving this place a try! Cheers!