Top Ramen with Wine

Top Ramen with Wine

Hood Rich!

The Story:

Tax Day is just around the corner, which means it's time to crack open those piggy banks for any spare change.  Since you're on a serious budget, it's time to put your priorities in place.  So of course, first on my list is vino. Two wines I recently tasted worked well with Top Ramen.  The first was the 2009 Casa De Campo Torrontes from Mendoza, Argentina and the second wine was the 2010 Mer Soleil Silver Chardonnay from Monterey, California.  Since wine will numb the pain of being broke, I figure splurge on the vino and spend the rest on the something that will fill your tummy, yet's cheap.

The Pairing:

After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine, I personally felt the 2009 Casa De Campo Torrontes made the flavor of the soup almost disappear.  Although the acidity was there, the soup was lost.  It wasn't horrible, yet somehow the pairing didn't hit a home run out of the park.  Maybe a different producer would give a different result, but I'm skeptical.  Luckily, after a sip of the un-oaked 2010 Mer Soleil Silver Chardonnay and then a bite of the soup, it was a totally different story.  The wine was mild in flavor with notes of citrus, green apple and minerality that really married nicely with the chicken flavored broth.  I could still taste both and felt myself instinctually want to go for another sip of the wine.  Plus, there was that incredible acidity needed to stand up to the saltiness of the dish.  Although both worked, I think I would still go for the Mer Soleil when trying this pairing again...especially when it comes to choosing between wine or eating!  Cheers!

Where to Buy the Wine:

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OnlineMer Soleil Chardonnay Silver Unoaked 2010 750ML 

Vegas residentsKhoury’s Fine Wine


Please let me know your comments in the section below!  Have you ever thought of trying Top Ramen with wine?  What's your go to food on a budget?  Let’s chat!