candy with wine

Sweethearts with Wine

My *Sweetheart* The StoryYou've been working on your fitness and starving yourself to lose the excess Thanksgiving/Christmas weight.  So, instead of pairing wine with chocolates this Valentine's Day, I thought I'd give you an alternative that won't ruin that tight a$$ you've been toiling for!

The Pairing:

Sweethearts contain 3 calories each and 1 glass of sparkling Rose equates to about 90 calories.  Since Bougrier Rose d' Anjou is only slightly sweet and a handful of Sweethearts are only about 45 calories, you won't have to worry about getting fat this Valentine's Day.

Bougrier Rose d' Anjou has a mild nose of strawberries and raspberries and then explodes with flavor on the palate.  Although the wine is only slightly sweet, it works perfectly with the touch of sugar found in the Sweethearts.  I also love how neither competes with each other.  If anything, the acidity in the wine helps to intensify the flavor of the candy and then slowly strips the palate clean.  On this particular day I tried the Orange Obsession, Tempting Apple, Secret Strawberry and Passion Fruit flavors from a box of "Twilight" themed Sweethearts and all worked incredibly well with the wine.

Cheers, and remember, no drunk dialing today!!

Red WINE Lollipops

Would it be wrong to dip these in a glass of red wine...kind of like what I do with french fries and milkshake???

A friend of mine recently told me about these adult red wine lollipops and since I've never seen anything out there like it, I thought I would share the recipe with you (click the link below), compliments of SprinkleBakes.  Plus, Valentines day is right around the corner!

LINK:  Red Wine Lollipops

While your at it...check out their red wine chocolate truffles made with Montepulicano d' Abruzzo!  Both items are perfect for your vino loving sweetheart!