Chicken Fingers with Wine

I met Jessica at the beginning of ninth grade.  I had recently moved back to Las Vegas from southern California and was introduced to her through a mutual friend.  She was tall and skinny with beautiful dark eyes and an easy-going personality.  Her energy and carefree spirit was contagious and I soon found myself wanting to be around her all the time.  She made me laugh and took my mind off the emotional rollercoaster that was going on inside.  I had left California to start a new life and although I tried to play the role of the tough girl, I was hurting.  From sophmore through senior year we spent almost everyday together.  We'd sneak out to my car at lunch time and rush to a local fast food joint for chicken fingers or tacos trying not to get caught leaving school.  I not only shared afternoon lunches and clothes with her, I shared my innermost secrets.  I loved her and her family and I never imagined my life without her.  But that day eventually came.  Over something that seems silly now, we stopped being friends shortly after high school.  I cried so hard you would have thought I lost a loved one, but I knew I had to move on.  Years went by before I saw her again.  I would hear through the grapevine that she was modeling and I always thought of her on her birthday.  We recently ran into each other and although the conversation was brief, I felt transported back to the days when we spent every moment together.  She was no longer the thin and lanky teenage girl I had grown to love.  She was now a woman and as stunning as ever.  Here's to my friend Jessica.  Thank you for sharing a moment in my life.

After you pull out of the drive thru, stop by your local wine store and grab a bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to pair with chicken fingers.  Even better, make them at home for the kids and set aside a few for yourself to enjoy with a glass of wine.  These two work magic together.  After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine you should immediately notice how New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc's crisp acidity cuts through the grease and cleanses the palate between bites.  And because the majority of us love ranch dressing with our fingers, the zesty acidity found in the wine works to mirror the tanginess of the dressing and wash the cream off the palate.  The grapefruit and vegetal aromas of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc also stand up to the intense flavors found in the dressing.  And after all, who doesn't love the taste of veggies with ranch dressing?  Other wines to try with chicken fingers are Sparkling wine, Champagne, dry Rose, Pinot Gris (esp. Oregon), Torrontes and Vermentino.  Cheers!