It was the beginning of fall when I moved to sea town.  I spent two years of my life in Seattle.  It is an experience I will never forget.  I was a young girl in a new city with no immediate family or friends.  The adjustment was drastic. I went from partying the night away in Vegas nightclubs to staying home most weekends with what seemed like endless rainy nights.  I missed the comfort of home.   On lunch breaks at work I would head to a nearby café and order a bowl of chili.  It was the best chili I’ve ever had in my life.  Chunky, slightly spicy and extremely hot!  For a few short moments I would forget about being homesick and loose myself in each and every bite.

Too bad I didn’t drink on those lunch breaks! A glass of Zinfandel would have been the perfect accompaniment to Chili.  Zinfandel is inherently meaty, helping to highlight the meat in the dish.  There is also a black pepper quality to many Zin’s, which works nicely with the spiciness of the Chili.  Both the wine and food are hearty making them an excellent match.  On cold days, this pairing will make you want to grab a blanket and take a quick nap!  Other wines to try with Chili are Malbec, Shiraz and for the white wine lovers out there, Riesling.