Fish 'N' Chips with Wine

Wear green or die!  Well not really, but as kid I was terrified of getting pinched for not sporting green on St. Patrick’s Day.   It was always funny when someone forgot the holiday and as you leaned in to pinch their arm they’d yell, “No, I have green on my underwear!”  Who were they kidding?  I've heard every line in the book, “My eyes have green in them,” or “There’s green on the bottom of my shoe!”  As a child I also believed there was a pot of gold waiting on the end of every rainbow, if only I could find it before the Leprechaun did.  And if I happened to find a patch of grass with clovers, I would spend hours trying to find a lucky four-leaf one.   Today I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by heading to a local Irish Pub and ordering fish ‘n’ chips.  And true to my nature, I find the perfect glass of wine to pair with one of my favorite dishes.

I love anything fried.  Plus this dish incorporates my all time favorite food, French fries!  When it comes to fried foods you need a wine that can cut through the grease.  I always ask people, "Would you drink a glass of milk with fish 'n' chips?"  No!  The thought of it is horrible.  We like drinks like beer or soda with fried foods because the crispness of the beverage mirrors the crispness of the food and helps to wash the grease off the tongue.  Bubbles help to achieve this as well as high acid wines.  I personally prefer New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for its crisp acidity and vegetal, citrus driven flavors.  I love fish 'n' chips with tarter sauce and vinegar.  Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand won't be ruined by the condiments due to its intensity of flavor.  Other wines to try with fish 'n'chips are sparkling wines, Champagne, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Blanc, Soave, dry Rose, Chardonnay (no oak), Riesling and other crisp white wines.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!