Fruit Cocktail with Wine

I partied in my first Vegas nightclub at the age of 17.  No, I didn't sneak in nor did I know the guy at the door either.  I used what everyone else was using, a Nevada state ID.  I had recently begged my manager at a trendy clothing store to let me borrow her identity so that I could get a legitimate ID.  Looking back, the idea of this was ballsy.  I walked right in to a Las Vegas DMV and handed the clerk someone else's information.  I even tried to dress the part of a twenty-two year old by wearing red lipstick and high heels.  I was nervous, but somehow that didn't stop me.  And as I smiled for what looked like a laminated high school ID, I remember jumping up and down inside that I pulled the whole thing off.  Most of my friends had fake IDs or were somewhat older than me, but I was the only one with a real ID that had my picture on it.  As I waited in line at the nightclub that following weekend, I anxiously handed the doormen my identification.  He glimpsed at it and then unhooked the rope to let me in.  I was so nervous I headed straight for the bar.  I had no idea what to order.  I looked at the bartender and shouted "something fruity, please!"  Soon, I was at the club every weekend with my friends.  I'd order cocktail after cocktail and dance the night away with people sometimes twice my age.  By the time I hit twenty-one, I was burned out on nightclubs and cocktails and ready for a glass of wine and a good book.  I guess it all worked out!

The 2008 Eberle Winery Muscat Canelli is a remarkable wine with fruit cocktail.  This wine comes from the estate vineyard of Eberle Winery in the Paso Robles region of California.  Priced at just $14 a bottle, it's a delicious dessert and cheese wine.  Due to the warm weather in the Paso Robles region, the wine takes on notes of riper, more tropical fruit such as tangerines, pineapples and guava with just a hint of vanilla.  After a bite of the food and then a sip of the wine, I immediately love the similar syrupy texture of both the fruit cocktail and the wine.  The fruit flavors play together nicely since both are much richer than just picked, fresh fruit.  At one point, I can't tell whether I'm tasting the wine or the food.  It's as if they've become one.  The residual sugar left in the wine also matches up nicely to the sweetness of the fruit cocktail.  This is an incredibly delicious pairing for a hot summer evening or picnic!  And I won't tell anyone if you pick the cherries out like I do!  Cheers!