Reese's Buttercups

My mom still tells story of my first Halloween.  To be clear, I was 3 and had been prepped on how to pass out candy when the doorbell rang.   I anxiously waited for sun down and the sign of my first official tricker-treater.  “Ding, Dong!” I held the bowl of candy tight and followed my mom to the door.  Meanwhile, my grandmother was taking a bath down the hall.  The door opened, “trick or treat!” screamed three scary looking kids.  I threw the bowl of candy up in the air, ran to the bathroom where my grandmother was bathing and jumped right in, clinging onto her tight. Although I don’t remember this event, I do remember doing one thing all kids do, dumping all my candy on the floor and sorting through to find my favorites.  For me, this has always been Reese’s Buttercups.

I love the creamy peanut butter and chocolate flavor of Reese’s Buttercups.  Amontillado Sherry is my wine of choice with my favorite candy.  The Sherry is off-dry, which means it’s slightly sweet, rich and nutty.  When you taste both the wine and Reese’s together, the peanut butter flavor is heightened by the nuttiness of the wine.   The wine also has great acidity that helps cleanse the flavors off the palate in-between bites…because I can never eat just one!  Another fun wine to have with Reese’s Buttercups is Choc-a-Bloc by Stanley Lambert.  This Australian Tawny is liquid chocolate in a glass!

Caramel Apple

My favorite part of Halloween is the sweets! Candy corn, chocolates, popcorn balls and caramel apples!  In grade school, I loved attending the Halloween fair.  You could bob for apples, walk through a haunted house and even win a goldfish!  More importantly, my school served caramel apples! Although hard to eat, I loved the contrast of the crisp, tart green apple with chewy caramel on top.  My mom and I would find a place to sit and share in it's enjoyment.  Today, I make homemade caramel apples, only this time accompanied by a glass of wine!

This is one of those food & wine pairings most people would never imagine having.  But let me assure you, it's a match made in heaven.  German Riesling (Spatlese) is my favorite wine to have with a caramel apple.  Since Riesling smells and tastes much like apples, how can you go wrong pairing it with an apple?  German Rieslings are high in acid, which stands up to a tart green apple.  The acid helps to cut through the creamy caramel and cleanses the palate. German Rieslings also have different levels of sweetness.  The sugar in a Spatlese brings the sweet caramel and apple flavors to life. Chardonnay also works beautifully with a caramel apple.