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I’ve been where you are and I know I can help.

It’s my mission and passion to help other women entrepreneurs just like you to push past fear and shine on screen.

Why you may ask?... Because I’m a woman entrepreneur just like you!

My story is probably a lot like yours: I was always scared of what others thought of me.

After all, I was dressing up in costumes on my wine blog in order to hide and not let people see the real me.

I struggled with feelings of not being pretty enough, smart enough, talented enough, or worthy enough for people to want to pay attention to me.

And the biggest problem was - I lacked the clarity to see that I didn't need to be perfect. I didn’t have to hide behind costumes or try to be funny.  I only needed to be authentically me. 

Eventually, I quit.  I gave up on my big dreams of being a wine television star. And I became incredibly lost and depressed.

Then one day, I sought some help. The business folks taught me about mental blocks and mindset. The marketing folks fed me techniques and tactics.

Everything I learned was an important piece of the puzzle, but for years I sat back waiting for the right moment to get back in the game. 

And sadly…

There’s a lot of misinformation about what it takes to film successful live videos that grow your business (a lesson I learned the hard way) and if you go about it the wrong way, you’ll struggle. 

I don’t want that for you.  I don’t want you to wait because you “don’t know where to start,” or stop because you “aren’t gaining any new clients and followers,” or, never start because you think you “don’t have the time to film videos.”

I’ve helped many women just like you to use Live Video as a successful tool to grow their business (and actually love being on camera!).

And while I’ve helped women in different areas such as boosting their confidence and gaining the courage to be camera, or learning how to create content that builds the know/trust/like factor and attracts new clients, or generating sales and converting leads, or creating a gorgeous back-drop that showcases your brand, or giving you all the tips and tricks for looking and sounding amazing on camera and much more…

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Courtney has helped me so much with getting confident on my lives and in my business, she fills my calendar with lots of content to use, when I’m running out of ideas.

Since working with her I have grown my followers and group members. My close friends have seen me grow so much in the last 4 weeks.

Courtney is dedicated, caring, passionate and will do anything to see you grow in your business 💖
— Pippa Leslie , Spiritual Life Coach
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"But can't I just film A video on my own?"

You can if you'd like to... but my guess is that either you've gone down that path already and seen the fruitless and frustrating results... or you're on the path to learning that now.

I can tell you from personal experience and the experience of working with my clients that eventually you'll come to the same conclusion I did...

Filming a Live Video, and having the money follow ONLY works if you have a strategy.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.03.45 AM.png

Without a strategy for getting on Live Videos you’ll always struggle to turn viewers into clients.

So, do you want to get past your fears and grow your business on Live Video?!  Are you ready to finally make things easier than they’ve ever been before?

Then get ready because developing a strategy for Live Videos will be the most effective asset you’ll ever have to transform your business, your life, and the lives of others.

And the best part is… 

I’ll show you exactly how to do it so that you can focus your energy on transforming people’s lives, rather than stressing out about what you look and sound like, and growing your business and your income…

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Untitled design (29).png

So Here's What Shine On Screen is...

☆  Shine On Screen takes your knowledge, information, unique personality, and time you've invested in your business and helps you to stand-out and grow your business on video!


☆  Shine On Screen involves creating a plan to help you educate, serve and entertain your viewers. This includes how to create and outline your content, what tools you'll need to make your videos stand-out, and how to generate sales and convert leads.

☆  Shine On Screen is about shifting your focus from only talking about your products and services to creating a personal brand, allowing you to create a bigger following and earn more income as a result. 

☆  Shine On Screen is about becoming visible, consistently showing up, and becoming an expert for your clients. This program is designed to get you visible and consistent so you can start becoming the go-to person in your industry.

Shine On Screen is not...

☆  Shine On Screen is NOT about being perfect on video. It’s about being the professional that you are! It’s about being authentic in your message and gift you provide to the world.


☆  Shine On Screen Is NOT about winging it on live video. Winging it is not a plan. Getting good on video is a skill you develop over time, like learning to paint or take professional photos.


☆ Shine on Screen Is NOT about learning to selling your products and services online. All that does is turn viewers off by coming across too sales driven.             

Untitled design (28).png
I already booked a 5k client just using the strategies she provided!

Courtney helped me really understand what I needed to know about really using and leveraging live videos in my business. It has been much easier to show up fully and with more confidence. I know what it is I am trying to do now with my social media marketing! I am so grateful for her wealth of knowledge.
— Juli Gauthier, Business & Life Coach
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Imagine for a minute what your life would be like if in just a few short weeks you could transform your fear of being on video into excitement, so that you no longer had to stress about being perfect or knowing what to say on video…

Within weeks you could learn how to stand-out on video, increase your brand's visibility, increase your opportunities to work with new clients, increase your engagement on social media, create connections, build your brand's know, trust and like factor, and grow your business, which means more profits for you!

That’s what Shine On Screen will do for you!

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As a bonus for signing up TODAY I will be gifting you my Time to Shine 5 Modules + Bonus worksheets.

Time to shine is a 5-week group coaching program designed to help you look and sound amazing on video, whether you are filming live videos, webinars, recorded videos, or even videos for your own group coaching program.

☆ Module 1: Create Your Shine

☆ Module 2: Design Your Shine

☆ Module 3: Style Your Shine

☆ Module 4: Sell Your Shine

☆ Module 5: Upgrade Your Shine


Bonus Handouts & Checklists:

☆ 63 Hot Topics for Going Live

☆ FB Live Script Template

☆ Equipment Checklist

☆ Make-Up Checklist

☆ Style Do’s & Don’ts

☆ 3 Live Video Monetization Script

☆ Live Interview Template

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Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 8.26.25 AM.png
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Untitled design (27).png
Since working with Courtney, I’ve been “live” somewhere on social media at least 4 times per week-versus NOTHING before. Each time I turn on my camera to go live, I feel more confident and relaxed than the time before and this is because Courtney has carefully mapped out my content for each week, taking the pressure off me to think of content AND go live. She also gives me the appropriate hashtags; the script; the questions to ask; the polls to use-in a nutshell-EVERYTHING you need to go live. No more excuses.

Using her technique, I’ve been able to reach out to more potential clients and create conversations and relationships in an organic way.

Courtney is resourceful-I’m a health coach and she came up with ideas I hadn’t even thought of before; she’s patient-if there’s a day I didn’t go live for whatever reason-she listens and gets to the bottom of why without any judgment. And she’s inspiring-because she walks her talk, you feel like you have to live up to her example).